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We understand your collection is not just an investment, it's a passion.  But when that decision comes to let go, you deserve to receive maximum return for your hard earned wines. With the summer quickly approaching and the wine market as high as it’s ever been, now is a great time to start thinking about selling all or a portion of your cellar. Finding the right buyer isn’t easy.  As wine prfessionals at the highest levels and a leader in understanding wine pricing, Golden Slope is here to help you find the right customer or venue to sell your wine. 

Golden Slope utilizes the best and most up-to-date wine market data available to establish a real-time estimate for your wine collection.

Free Appraisals


We will appraise your cellar for free, based on current, non-auction values in a prompt turnaraound time period.  Learn more

No Seller's Fees


No added fees, no hassels, no haggling.  Payments made to you up front based on mutually beneficial, agreed terms.  

No Cellar is Too Small


We focus on the large and small wine collector.  We buy great wine even if it's a small collection.

Sell Your Wine With Confidence and Ease.

We offer quick and fair valuation of your wines and, upon agreement, we pay up front.  We also make it easy to pack, pick up and ship your cellar.   

Our services includes the following:

  • Payment upfront
  • Competitive prices for your wine 
  • World class experitise and care in handling  private collections
  • We do not auction your wine - no seller’s premium or transactions fees
  • We do not email blast your wine collection to other buyers
  • We will arrange for inventory, packaging, and shipping

How Do I Submit My Cellar List?

To submit your list of wines for review and appraisal, please click on the link below and attach your file.  We accept all classic file types: Excel, Word, or Google Docs.  We wil respond within 24 hours of receiving your cellar list and get back with you.  You will also receive an auto-response letting you know we have received your document(s).  

All information you send is kept private. We do not be share your files or your personal information or any other correspondence with other third parties or outside interests.